The next Vega rocket launch is called Flight VV16. Flight VV16 will be performed from the Vega Launch Complex (SLV) in Kourou, French Guiana. The estimated date was 21st June however has been postpone due whether conditions, the launch will be in the following days. Arianespace will orbit 53 satellites on the Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) Proof of Concept (PoC) Flight, the new services of Arianespace for nano and microsatellites.

More information about the mission in

In the following link you can see the lift-off:

12 of these satellites have solar panels manufactured by DHV Technology:

  • ION mk01 platform (D-Orbit)
  • Lemur-2 112 (Spire)
  • Lemur-2 113 (Spire)
  • Lemur-2 114 (Spire)
  • Lemur-2 115 (Spire)
  • Lemur-2 116 (Spire)
  • Lemur-2 117 (Spire)
  • Lemur-2 118 (Spire)
  • Lemur-2 119 (Spire)
  • DIDO 3 (ISIS)
  • TRISAT (University of Maribor)


We are really proud of our contribution to these missions and we wish a great success to all of them.