UARX Space, the leading Spanish company, worldwide provider of separation systems and currently developing its line of Orbital Transfer Vehicles for LEO, GEO, and deep space, is pleased to announce the agreement with DHV Technology. DHV Technology a Spanish Company located in Málaga and focused on Power Subsystems for Space applications. DHV has provided up to now solar panels for more than 170 satellites operating in LEO and Deep Space.

The agreement includes the provision from DHV of Solar Panels, SADA, PCDU, and batteries for UARX Space’s OSSIE Spacecraft during the next 7 seven years, as well as collaboration with R+D+i projects.

“We are pleased to collaborate with UARX in the research and development of space application and to take the opportunity to work with their highly experienced team. Together, our companies are contributing to the growing Spanish Space ecosystem“, said Vicente Diaz, Managing Director and Co-Founder at DHV Technology.

“DHV is a top space leader with an exceptional reputation supplying solar panels and power units from Spain to the rest of the World. We are so lucky to have them here in Spain, and without a doubt, their top products will be a great asset to our orbital transfer vehicles“. Said Yanina Hallak, CEO at UARX Space.

About UARX Space

UARX Space is an in-space logistics company providing rideshare and dedicated launch services for small satellites, from LEO to the Moon and beyond. UARX founders Yanina Hallak and Andrés Villa are California Polytechnic State University alumni, the worldwide known “home of the CubeSats.” In addition, the UARX Space Team is formed by experienced aerospace professionals with a background in designing launch vehicles, geostationary satellites, scientific Earth observation missions, and payload instruments for deep space. UARX’s expertise includes critical onboard software, structural analysis, thermal analysis, project management, systems engineering, assembly, integration, and testing. The company headquarter is located in Nigrán, Galicia, Spain.

About DHV Technology

DHV Technology is a Spain-based international company that designs and manufactures solar panels for space applications and other power subsystems for different platforms. DHV Technology has been providing tailor-made solar array systems to different international companies; at the same time, the company has been developing different power subsystems implementing the most advanced technologies.

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