DHV Technology has signed a contract with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to provide the solar panels of the GTOSat mission (Geostationary Transfer Orbit Satellite). The GTOSat mission is a scientific mission developed by NASA GSFC, The Aerospace Corporation and University of Iowa based on a 6U CubeSat platform to study the electron dynamics in the outer radiation belts. This is a relevant mission to demonstrate an operation space weather capability using a 6U CubeSat platform and an important step forward in the knowledge of Earth´s radiation belts that will be really useful for many other future missions.

DHV Technology is proud to design, to manufacture and to test the solar panels for this mission, as GTOSat mission it is a pioneer project that operates a 6U CubeSat in geostationary transfer orbit. DHV Technology is developing a relevant activity designing and manufacturing solar panels for LEO constellation projects on CubeSats and Small Satellites, in addition it has developed the solar panels for Argomoon mission (a deep space mission that will operate around the Moon) and the solar panels for Angels mission developed by HEMERIA and CNES, however GTOSat is the first mission developed for NASA GSFC and the first project developed by DHV Technology that will operate in a geostationary transfer orbit. A challenging project that will contribute to consolidate the position of DHV Technology as reference company on solar panels for any space applications.