DHV Technology was founded in 2013 and it is located in Malaga (Spain), the company provides power solutions to the space sector. Nowadays, there are more than 170 products in flight from 2014, the market is completely international and United States of America is the most valuable market, together with Europe, for the company from some years ago.

The company is proud to announce that in July 2022 it has been founded DHV Technology North America, Inc. being Mr. Ryan Nugent the company’s Country Manager. This recent update has been released during one of the most relevant events in the aerospace market, SmallSat Conference in Logan (Utah), August 2022.

The objective of this branch is to improve both DHV’s customer services and market penetration of DHV Technology in USA. Ryan Nugent is a high skilled Program Manager and Engineer with 15+ years of managing a small satellite lab and dozens of small satellite launch integration missions, flight missions, product development, and managing risks, while achieving overall organizational goals and exceeding customer expectations. He has previously been Director and Program Manager at Cal Poly CubeSat Laboratory for more than 11 years.

We are really proud and excited to start this new step forward of the company in the internationalization and in the consolidation of DHV Technology as reference in the power subsystem of space applications for any type of mission.