DHV Technology and G.A.U.S.S. have created a partnership in order to use DHV Technology solar panels on the G.A.U.S.S. satellite UNISAT-7. The launch of UNISAT-7 is planned for 2017, UNISAT-7 is a microsatellite that is used as launch services for microsatellites: CubeSat and PocketQube satellites.

G.A.U.S.S. launched UNISAT-6 in June 2014 using solar panels from DHV Technology. G.A.U.S.S. has decided to renew the confidence on DHV Technology after 18 months of nominal values for UNISAT-6 solar panels. DHV Technology is proud to increase the flight heritage and to collaborate with microsatellite innovation initiatives.

The Group of Astrodynamics for the Use of Space Systems (G.A.U.S.S. Srl) is an Italian limited liability company based in Rome, founded in 2012 as a spin-off of the Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale of Sapienza University of Rome, carrying on the school’s more than twelve years tradition in the field of microsatellites. Active in the space technology field, its aims are the research, the development and the implementation of aerospace projects, plus the educational aspect and the execution of related cultural initiatives.


Solar panel of UNISAT-6 manufactured by DHV Technology


Render of UNISAT-7 designed by G.A.U.S.S. Srl