Information Security Policy

DHV TECNOLOGÍA ESPACIAL AVANZADA MALAGUEÑA, S.L. (hereinafter DHV) is committed to Information Security as an essential element of the business culture. To this purpose, it is committed to providing services for the supply of satellite power systems in an environment of continuous improvement of information security, using the international standard ISO/IEC 27001 as a reference.  

DHV Management is committed to promoting, maintaining, and improving information security, oriented to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in the supplied services so that they are provided in accordance with the security requirements established by the interested parties, as well as those established by law or regulation. 

In this sense, the DHV Top Management shall ensure to define and apply an information security risk assessment process to establish appropriate risk acceptance criteria, identifies the information security risks  and define and apply an information security risk treatment process in order to minimise the risk to acceptable levels; to define and review the information security objectives; to provide the necessary resources for the correct implementation and improvement of information security; to establish the necessary means to guarantee the continually improve of the information security; establish the necessary means to guarantee the continuity and resilience of the services provided to our clients; carry out the tasks of monitoring, measurement, analysis and continuous improvement of the security system; as well as to promote and implement the appropriate measures for the training, qualification and awareness of all personnel in Information Security. 

The present policy is applicable to all personnel who process DHV, customer or supplier information, so it shall be available and communicated to all interested parties. For this purpose, it is approved and published in Malaga, on 15 February 2021.