Become part of our team

DHV Technology, founded at 2013, has been growing with a very talented and encouraged team, full of passion and motivation for the Aerospace Market. Very focused to meet each requirement for the new projects, the whole team will be pleased to received new bright talents to help us in the development and management of each new challenge.
If you want to be part of this experience, apply for our open positions or send us an unsolicited application.



Aerospace, Telecommunications or Industrial Master Degree Engineer with more than 5 years on project management within Space sector. The Project Manager leads the execution of commercial projects coordinating all the resources of the Company to cover all the goals of the project and the expectations of our customers. Management of project scope; schedule, budget, risks, quality and stakeholders. English and Spanish spoken. Good skills in leadership and problem solving with very strong focus on customers and schedule achievements.


Telecommunications, Industrial Electronics Degree. Senior engineer with huge experience in design, manufacturing and testing of complex electronics systems. Strong skills in PCB design with Altium Designer or similar, design and performance of Electronics Circuits, microprocessors and PLC are valuable, as well as understanding of Computer systems design and programming. English and Spanish spoken.

Project Engineer

Aerospace, Telecommunications or Industrial Master Degree Engineer. Senior engineer with strong skills in specification creation, component selection, documentation of design, test procedures and manufacturing instructions. Assistance in engineering teams with multidisciplinary skills for achieving goals. Good skills in leadership and project management are valuable as well as experience related to the aerospace sector working on structures, composite materials technology, power systems and finite model analysis. Very strong focus on customers and schedule achievements. European Citizenship.


Please send us an unsolicited application if you feel you could help DHV to growth within the Space Market. We will analyze the CV and will keep you in our database within the next 9 months. Let us know why you are interested in DHV and what you can offer for boosting DHV´s presence all around the world with reliable products. English is compulsory and Spanish desired.