About Us

​DHV Technology is a Spain based international company that designs and manufactures solar panels for space applications and other power subsystems for different platforms.

DHV Technology has been providing tailor-made solar arrays systems to different international companies at the same time the company has been developing different power subsystems implementing the most advanced technologies.

The company is formed by more than 100 experts led by Dr. Miguel A. Vázquez,
Dr. Vicente Díaz and Francisco Rubiño.

Our facilities, with a total of 3700 m², consist of:

– 1200 m² Clean room
– 1000 m² offices
– 1500 m² warehouse and others

Customers & Partners


DHV starting up (Spain)

Spain DHV starting up

UNISAT-6 (Italy)

Italy UNISAT-6

University of Taiwan (Taiwan)

Taiwan University of Taiwan

GAUSS S.R.L. (Italy)

Hawaii University (USA)

USA Hawaii University

University of Southmpton (UK)

UK University of Southmpton

Open Cosmos QBSO (UK)

UK Open Cosmos QBSO

NanoAvionics (Lithuania)

Lithuania NanoAvionics

Gumush (Turkey)

Turkey Gumush

University of Southampton (UK)

UK University of Southampton

Almaty University (Kazakhstan)

Skyfoxlabs (Czech Republic)

Czech Republic Skyfoxlabs

Hawaii University (USA)

Alba Orbital (UK)

Auburn University (USA)

USA Auburn University

NanoAvionics (Lithuania)

Lithuania NanoAvionics

University Of Southampton (UK)

Cicese (Mexico)

Mexico Cicese

Gumush (Turkey)

Turkey Gumush

Open Cosmos (UK)

SKYFOX LABS (Czech Republic)

Auburn University (USA)

Nanoavionics (Lithuania)

CICESE (Mexico)

GUMUSH (Turkey)

Spire Global (USA)

Satellital Control (Argentina)

ICEYE LTD (Finlandia)

Oakman Aerospace (USA)

Cal Poly (USA)

CGS (OHB-Italy)

National University Of Singapour (Singapour)

University Of Maribor (Slovenia)

Southmapton (UK)

Advanced Technology Institute, LLC (Japan)

D-Orbit (Italy)

Berlin Space Technologies (Germany)

In-Space Missions (UK)

Michigan Technological University (USA)

Astrocast (Switzerland)

Nexeya (HEMERIA) (France)

Technische Universitat Berlin (Germany)

Observatoire Paris (France)

University Of Florida (USA)

ISIS Space (Netherlands)


Nanyang Technological University (Singapour)


C3S (Hungary)

Aistech (Spain)

INTA (Spain)

STM (Turkey)

Sapienza University Of Rome (Italy)

OHB Sweden AB (Sweden)

Beyond Atlas (Sweden)

Aerospace Lab (Belgium)

Institute ITA (Brazil)

NUSpace (Singapour)

Nasa Goddard (USA)

GOMSpace (Denmark)

ATA Aerospace (USA)

Montana State University (USA)