Renewable Energy

Solar street light PVSL has been designed from the ground up with some key distinguishing features

PVSL Solar street light

Long term reliability

  • Full integration
  • Low daily discharge
  • Fast and error-free installation
  • Top USA and european components
  • Very low maintenance

Solar street light PVSL has been designed from the ground up with some key distinguishing features:

  • Very long autonomy and components lifespan
  • Easy installation: preassembled and wired
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Safe from theft or tampering
  • Remote monitoring for maximum availability and minimun maintenance
  • DHV Technology street lights (PVSL family) have been designed for increasing reliability and reducing costs over the basis of good knowledge on Photovoltaics, autonomous performance and huge heritage on product development.
  • DHV Street lights have been also tested under the scope of Urban Lab project within the activities that the City Hall of Malaga is being developed with the aim of introducing new technologies in the city. Also, DHV is more than happy on hosting visits to its facilities where a couple of items are shown in operative conditions.
  • DHV Street lights present as well capabilities for being contacted and managed remotely within applications were the introduction in Smart Cities and applications are considered.
  • Main technical characteristics of these products are as follows:
  • LED light of really low consumption
  • Easy installation and Plug & Play concept. The product is delivered assembled and ready for being used over the pole.
  • Easy and quick maintenance: All the components are integrated in the same housing
  • Safe: All components are located far away of undesired manipulations and actions.
  • Reliable: Design under the scope of long life and DfR practices (design for reliability). Very low maintenance is requested so OPEX investment is really very low.
  • Remote control under request. As aforementioned, the options of this family include monitoring and controlling capabilities for external management of the street light.

Key features

  • Calendar programming

  • Wireless remote monitoring and control

  • Failure detection

Technical Datasheet

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Consulting service and engineering in renewable energy sector

Photovoltaic (PV) & Concentration PV (CPV) engineering and manufacturing

Expertise in PV since 1995

Design of products for High Concentration Photovoltaic (HCPV) and photovoltaic (PV) technologies.

  • Sketches
  • Preliminary design
  • Strengths and weaknesses assessment
  • Industrial viability analysis

Proven photovoltaic technology expertise

Heritage in high concentration photovoltaic technology
in the market

Proven experience in the manufacturing of complex
Concentration PV systems

Vertical integration of PV systems.

From first prototypes to full certification

Big PV power plant executions (with high expertise in tracking systems and mechanical parts)

PV and CPV manufacturing engineering. Custom design of new manufacturing processes

Global engineering services in PV

  • Design of solar cells and modules
  • Design of PV power plants and Technical documentation for TENDERS of PV plants

Manufacturing engineering services in PV and CPV

  • Process and equipment assessment
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Deep knowledge and understanding in the supply chain of a PV manufacturing facility
  • Quality assurance expertise

Prototype management

  • Manufacturing
  • Tests
  • Validation and technical reports
  • Consulting for product certification and cost optimisation

PV product design for non-standard applications

BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic)

  • Glass-glass, flour polymers encapsulations, non-standard approaches.

PV in aeronautic and other applications for the Army

  • Solar cells in UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) and other platforms
  • PV assemblies for Portable DC generation

PV in sea applications and heavy environments

  • Solar cells and PV assemblies in nautical applications
  • PV generators for maritime buoys

PV product factory design and execution

Solar module factory

  • Design of complex solar cell structures
  • Chemical etching and texturization on Si Solar cells
  • Diffusion process and CVD depositions for ARC
  • Metallization and solar cell sorting

Solar module factory

  • Tabbing and Stringer
  • Lamination
  • High throughput module manufacturing

Utility-scale photovoltaic plant development and commercialisation

  • Solar resource data base
  • PV energy year estimation
  • PV plant sizing and design
  • PV plant executions and plant monitoring